Subject-Verb Agreement Exercises for Grade 5

Subject-verb agreement is an important grammatical concept that all students must master as early as possible. This is because correct subject-verb agreement helps to make sentences more clear, concise, and grammatically correct. One way of helping grade 5 students to understand this grammatical concept better is through subject-verb agreement exercises.

Here are some subject-verb agreement exercises that can help grade 5 students become more proficient in their writing:

1. Fill in the blanks:

a. The cat (is, are) sleeping on the couch.

b. The boys (run, runs) in the park after school.

c. The flowers (smell, smells) good in the garden.

d. The teacher (teach, teaches) us math in class.

e. The birds (sing, sings) in the tree every morning.

2. Multiple-choice questions:

a. The group of students (is, are) going on a field trip this weekend.

b. The dog or the cat (is, are) allowed to come inside the house.

c. The singers (perform, performs) at the concert last night.

d. The father and his son (is, are) fishing at the lake today.

e. The family (enjoys, enjoy) going to the beach every summer.

3. Identify the subject and verb in each sentence:

a. The students in my class are studying hard for their exams.

Subject: students; verb: are studying

b. The cat with the fluffy tail was playing with the yarn.

Subject: cat; verb: was playing

c. The boys and girls in the playground were playing tag.

Subject: boys and girls; verb: were playing

Subject-verb agreement exercises help to reinforce the concept that the subject of a sentence determines the form of the verb that follows it. This concept is critical in making sure that sentences are grammatically correct, and that ideas are conveyed clearly and effectively. By practicing with these exercises, grade 5 students can become more proficient in their writing and improve their overall language skills.

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